The Anandalaya

Introduction To Anandalaya:

‘Anandalaya’ has been created as a place where the children learn to be human rather than being an object of examination.

Are learning and happiness contradictory. A lot of teachers will tell us ‘yes’. Refer to all that we have learned in our adulthood. It is not in sorrow. This is why the school named ‘Anandalaya’.

The ‘ Anandalaya’ will introduce the pupils to the right values as Gurudeo Ravindranath Tagore had wished .The values and correct perspective on life and environment along with solid knowledge base will make the pupils coveted citizens of the country.

‘Anandalaya’ is a school which like ‘Eklabya’ followed the two institutions and the educational policy o0f the country and wondered whether the chopping of thumb of the poor was inevitable( refer to the story of Mahabharat). It was not. Some of its students who can not afford the books or even the school feeswill compete with the ‘Arjunas’ of the modern world. Ask these students , they will tell you that they love to go to ‘Anandalaya’.

Directions and Goals:

Is joy of learning enough ? is an often asked question.

‘Anandalaya’ does not restrict the school’s goal to the objective of learning in joy. In fact, it is a means of blooming in to flower the possibility that lies in every child. Tagore said Goddes of learning is Saraswati….. she is living and she is woman and her seat is on lotus -flower . The symbolic meaning of this is that she dwells in the center of life and the heart of all existence which opens itself in the beauty of the light of the heaven. Thus the goals are much broader than what we have dealt with so far .

Value education

Secular values and values related to personal integrity , courage, work orientation , dignity of labour are inculcated through activities and through participatory programs. Participation in work programs related to individuals as well as group work is encouraged to give shape to the values. Amongst group work , physical education and group games supported by gardening and other manual work to encourage values related to dignity of labour are taken up.


The school is built on a 7.12- acre campus amidst groves of fruit trees and flowering plants , imbibing the ambience of Santiniketan . The climate is dry and salubrious . Acres of mango orchards and other fruit and flowering trees make the campus an attractive place. Adequet number of class rooms have been built as per norms.

Hostels :

Hostels are well designed and adequate for the capacity of the school. Wordens look after the hostels. To maintain the uniformity , bedding and linen are provided by the school. A provision for storing books and clothes has been made near the bed of each students .

Languages :

Medium of instructions is English . A high standard of English is maintained . Hindi is being taught as the second language and with care, so that each child develops a good flair for the language. Optional languages are Sanskrit and urdu from 4th standard .

Teaching Method :

Teaching is carried out by modern methods of learning by participation, project work, library work etc. Audio-visual methods are used profusely . Specially-equiped teaching laboratories are used to impart information through computers and video-television programs.

Guided home study hours are compulsory to take care of the extra need of each student so that all students achieve high standard and variation between the students performance is reduced.

Science Laboratory:

A science laboratory with adequate capacity have been created for Physics, Chemistry and Biology .

Library :

A fine library of books , records and video CDs is managed by a librarian for the school. The books include reference and general knowledge sections. Guided extra curricular study is encouraged .

Educational Tours :

The guided tour is to be used as a lesson in development of values related to environment and culture and is organized by ‘ Anandalaya’. The school also organizes other suitable tours to places of historical and cultural interests .

Computer Literacy :

A well equipped computer lab is maintained by a qualified computer teacher . Computer science is being taught as a compulsory subject from 4th standard .

Physical education :

Physical education is an essential part of building up a healthy body, which helps the development of a healthy mind .


Yoga is taught from the lowest classes as it helps to build a good body , healthy mind and leads to discipline .

Sports :

Various sports and games are available amongst them are Football, Volleyball, Cricket and Badminton etc . Apart from these other track & field sports and indoor games also organized by school .

Dance and Music

Dance and music are seen as the need for all round development of a child .Thus all the students participate in one or more opportunities made available to them. The training is provided by a dance and music & teacher , in dance and vocal music.

Gardening and Horticulture :

Tending gardens of fruit trees and flowering plants are additional subject available . The program is intended to develop skills as well as love for growing plants of various types . The gardening helps students to feel pleaser


‘Anandalaya is situated in Jagdishpur near Madhupur ,which is famous for pleasant climate and is a junction at Patna- Hawrah rail track . Madhupur is a sub-division of Distt. –Devghar, (Jharkhand).